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Welding Engineering

SKC's main focus and drive is in the field of Welding Engineering and we recognized by industry as leaders in this discipline.  We have considerable expertise in the design of welded joints andthe development of welding procedures for both mechanical and structural applications in Steel, Aluminum and other Non-ferrous alloys.  Typical projects we work on include: Strucutral Steel, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Penstocks, Tunnels, Bridges, Pedestrian walkways, Marine structures, Marine vessels, Pressure vessels, Pressure piping, API storage tanks, Process equipment, Free standing structures and Towers.  

We offer welding consultation based on over 50 combined years of practical welding experience.  We have the knowledge and understanding to quickly get to the root of your welding problems.  We supply practical solutions based on real world experience to ensure your welding operations are running at maximum efficiency.  We specialize in the development of detailed technical work instructions to supplement welding procedures for critical joints

Stress Analysis & Simulation

We specialize in the use of the Abaqus simulation suite for finite element analysis.  Whether you need a simple stress analysis or simulation of complex multiphysics applications, we have the expertise to support you. Typical projects we have simulated include piping systems, bridges & other critical structures after damage, cranes, lifting devices & heavy-duty equipment, pressure systems and marine vessels (boats, ships & submarines).

As welding consultants, we specialize in the field of welding simulation using both the Abaqus welding interface & VRWeld. Using computational weld mechanics, we can account for all of the complex physical processes involved in welding allowing us to effectively model distortion & residual stresses, weld strength, microstructure and hardness.  Applications include automotive, energy production, marine, aerospace, oil & gas and heavy equipment.  Simulation may be used to optimize welding sequences prior to fabrication, or to understand the effects of welding on existing structures.

Weld modeling is also applicable to the field of additive manufacturing, and combined with our practical welding knowledge can be used to optimize the fabrication of metallic components.

Quality Assurance

Honest Inspection, Quality Assured

SKC Engineering provides quality assurance programs and inspection and test plans to clients in the manufacturing, fabrication and construction sectors — independent, third party review of projects, complete with thorough documentation of inspections to ensure compliance with codes, standards and project specifications.

Our quality assurance staff are certified to CSA & AWS inspection standards. We have significant experience with audits of overseas production facilities.

Connections & Steel Detailing

SKC’s Structural Department offers services in the field of steel structures design, structural steel connection design in accordance with CISC and AISC standards, seismic and wind loads calculations, engineered erection plans, site inspection, certified site reports and schedules, shop drawings review, generation of shop drawings and creation of accurate BIM models.  Our experience in the structural steel connection design promotes us to optimize steel connections for large and complex projects resulting in reduction in fabrication costs and facilitating steel erection.

By optimizing your connections we can reduce your fabrication costs and make steel erection easier & more efficient.  SKC’s connection designs will make you more competitive in the marketplace.


Fitness for Service & Engineering Critical Assessments

An Engineering Critical Assessment uses finite element methods to determine acceptance & rejection criteria for defects in welds based on the principals of fracture mechanics, rather than the good workmanship criteria usually found in welding standards.  A related concept is a Fitness For Service (FFS) calculation, whereby defects have been found in a weld or parent material & fracture mechanics calculations are carried out to determine if the defects can be tolerated, and if not remaining useful life until failure.  

Our team delivers a cutting-edge solution to your fracture analysis including case-specific algorithms that predict evolution of damage in welds in particular in the interface of weld and base metal i.e. fusion line. We offer a full spectrum of skills, capability, and experience in precisely computing fracture evolution using coupled damage algorithms on a case-by-case basis in order to make structural integrity decisions.  We have previously carried out FFS assessments under API 579 & BS 7910 Level I, II, III.  We also have experience with elevated temperature assessments and creep life prediction using our own proprietary algorithms.


Welding Programs

With over 35 years’ experience in the business our Professional Staff know welding and we understand that the proper welding program is an investment in your company’s success. From consulting on the right process, to practical hints & tips to ensure the perfect weld every time, we don’t just sell procedures we work with you to ensure your welding operations are working at their prime. Our welding procedures and technical work instructions ensure the quality of your welded products, reduce the need for expensive re-work and ensure that your welders are working productively.  

We have extensive experience working to Canadian and International codes including:

  • AWS - D1.1, D1.2, D1.6 and others
  • ASME - Section IV, B31.1 and B31.3
  • CSA - W47.1 and W47.2


Welcome to SKC


SKC Engineering was founded in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada in 1997 and is renowned as one of Canada's leading providers of welding and manufacturing consultation services. We are known for developing practical solutions to problems across all sectors of the Canada's diverse welding industry.

We are proud to offer the following professional services to the North American market: 

  • Welding engineering & consultation
  • Welding programs, procedures & related documentation (CSA, ASME, AWS, ISO)
  • Retained welding Engineer for CSA welding programs (W47.1, W47.2, W186)
  • Welded connection design to CISC & AISC standards
  • Welding simulation & modeling
  • Fitness for service & fracture mechanics
  • Materials testing & laboratory services

We offer the perfect balance of practical experience and technical knowledge to ensure the perfect weld for any application.